Become a Member

The Historic Brewers Hill Association (HBHA) allows our neighborhood to have a collective and more powerful voice in City matters, particularly those that impact our homes, families, and neighbors. The minimal fees ($10/single; $15/household) allows the HBHA to sponsor fun neighborhood activities for both children and adults, such as Easter Egg Hunt, Family Block Party, Halloween Trick or Treat, Patio Round Robin, Winter Party, and Children’s Play Dates.

In addition, the minimal fees support the maintenance of HBHA and neighborhood, including a website, neighborhood meetings, Spring Clean-Up, a structured block watch program, and various fundraising efforts for neighborhood beautification. Your membership also provides you voting rights as to the Officers and Board Members, as well as voting on important issues which impact our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood has loads of talent and would love to use you as a valuable resource to participate on boards and committees. The HBHA is only as strong as our membership.