Small Shops United – Fundraiser

November 8, 2018 | Categories: Announcements, Community, Fundraisers

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Eric Tallmadge, resident of Brewers Hill and owner of Small Shops United.  I’ve reached out to the neighborhood each of the last two years to help raise funds for our local neighborhood public school, Carver Academy.

I run a business called Small Shops United, and each year I partner with many of the great local restaurants and attractions in the Greater Milwaukee Area to put together our Community Gift Packs.  These are discount packages unlike anything else in the city.  This year we even have a Small Shops United mobile app to help you keep track of your offers.

Follow the link below to learn more.  35% of any purchase you make is going directly to Carver Academy to help with their specific student programming needs.  They need the money, you get the savings, and local shops get your business.

Small Shops United Carver Academy Fundraiser

Thank you,

Eric Tallmadge


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