Urban Wildlife

June 8, 2018 | Categories: Announcements, Community

Thanks to those who have posted recently about sightings of a coyote in Brewers Hill.  They’ve been here for a while now in many parts of the city. Understanding what brings them around and whether our concerns about a range of issues are justified is a subject of ongoing study. Surprisingly, there has not been much research on urban wildlife until very recently. The largest and most revealing project in the country has been underway in Madison since 2015. If you’re interested, check it out on their project webpage:  http://uwurbancanidproject.weebly.com
Admittedly, scientists don’t have all the answers, but what has been observed consistently in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, as well as cities and suburbs across the country is that coyotes and fox move in where there is plentiful food (that is, trash, rabbits, and other rodents). There are occasional reports of small pets going missing, though it is often discovered that those pets are not prey to coyotes. The city poses many other threats to cats and small dogs that go out unattended in neighborhoods with cars, not to mention larger animals like raccoons.

You can post your observations or see where others are spotting coyotes in Milwaukee County online:  https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/milwaukee-county-coyote-watch

The nearby Urban Ecology Center also has valuable insights about what wildlife in our neighborhood tells us about the health of our city. Check out this article from 2013 on coyotes:  https://urbanecologycenter.org/blog/native-animal-of-the-month-the-coyote.html


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